Here are some tips to help you stop depressions before it gets its hooks in too deep.

1. Spend Time With Others!

When we are feeling depressed we are sometimes tempted to isolate ourselves and just wallow in our bad mood.  Resist that temptation!  Force yourself to be around other people, make plans with friends that can listen to you and help you feel better or just go out and do something fun to get your mind off your problems.  Things tend to look better after some time away.  And if talking to someone you know isn’t an option or doesn’t feel the most comfortable for you there are other alternatives, you could join a support group, get some counselling, or even talk to your family doctor.

2. One Step at a Time!

Reduce your stress levels; don’t try doing everything you have set for yourself all at once. Prioritize which ones are most important, give yourself a realistic time frame to complete it and set realistic goals for yourself. Most of our lists would take an army to complete in the short amount of time we give ourselves.  Take breaks when you need one and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Don’t worry if you don’t get everything done today – it will still be there tomorrow!

3. Sleep Well, Eat Well!

I know everyone always talks about this one but it’s because it’s true!  Get a good night’s sleep every day; some important brain chemicals get replenished while we sleep and there is nothing like the feeling of being well rested to tackle the day ahead. Also eating healthy foods regularly helps to maintain your good mood and have enough energy to last you throughout the day.  All those fruits and veggies are designed to help stabilize our bodies and our brains.

4. Think Happy Thoughts!

Stop those negative thoughts running through your mind, because they contribute to causes of depression. It is amazing how much power our thoughts have over our feelings and moods.  We all have bad days and things we wished had gone differently but remember you’re only human and we all make mistakes so don’t beat yourself up every time things don’t work out as planned.  Besides it is only a true mistake if you don’t learn from it.

5. Forgive & Forget!

Holding onto anger and resentment is another habit that can contribute to depression. Always thinking about the past, holding onto unpleasant memories will only make you feel sad.  Do yourself a favour and let some things go, the other person has probably long ago forgotten whatever they did to hurt you.  Does it make sense to continue hurting yourself while they are happy?

6. Be Active!

Exercise has been shown to have a dramatic impact on mood because it releases all those ‘feel good’ hormones.  Whether it’s cleaning your house, walking your dog or even dancing to the radio you will feel the positive

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