Certified Professional Coach (International Coach Federation), Registered Professional Counsellor (Canadian Professional Counsellors Association)

Becky grew up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. After earning Master of Theology from Tyndale Seminary, she has worked as a counsellor and clinical supervisor in various settings across the country. Seven years ago, she was introduced to Meaning-centered counselling, which focuses on addressing the human need for meaning and purpose. Becky quickly connected with this approach because it finally provided a “why” instead of just a what.

Becky is both a Registered Professional Counsellor and a Certified Professional Coach and provides a blended approach of coaching and counselling to help you achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness through meaningful self-exploration. This unique approach helps clients attain a greater sense of meaning and purpose, increase their overall life satisfaction, improve relationships, and increase their confidence and resilience, while setting and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Becky has 20+ years of experience in the field of helping, having worked in various community and residential treatment settings as a counsellor with youth and adults. With extensive experience working with mental health and addictions she is passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves. Working from a meaning perspective, she believes that when people see their own unique value, they are better equipped to overcome life’s challenges.

Services offered: Life coaching (personal and professional), counselling, and spiritual/faith-based counselling.

Qualifications: Becky holds a Master of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary. She has held the designation of Registered Professional Counsellor and in good standing with the CPCA (Canadian Professional Counsellors Association) since 2009. Becky earned her designation of Certified Professional Coach with Aim Higher Professional Life Coach Certification in 2019.

Availability: In-person, every other Saturday in Brampton; online, Wednesday evenings

Language: English

Location: Brampton and online