Brampton-Based The Family Enhancement Centre Offering Expert Grief Counselling In Multiple Languages

Millions of Canadians suffer from mental health issues that prevent them from living their lives to the fullest. Issues such as depression, anxiety and grief require effective counselling from a specialist who both understands the issue and has the experience to help their clients through the range of emotions involved in personal recovery. Now, the team at The Family Enhancement Centre in Brampton is helping thousands of local Canadians to improve their lives through effective long-term recovery from mental health challenges.

The Family Enhancement Centre is one of the leading mental health agencies serving clients across Brampton and the GTA. The company’s in-house team includes master’s level psychotherapists, child and youth works, marriage and family therapists and registered clinical social workers – each of which has the proven industry experience to offer practical and personable issue resolution. A leading benefit for many local clients now using The Family Enhancement Centre’s services is that the organization offers private counselling in numerous languages. On-staff at the company are specialists who can speak English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil or Romanian to effectively communicate with clients in the language they feel most comfortable using to express themselves. It’s an example of the commitment the company places on ensuring client comfort through their work.

Another example of the company’s commitment to client comfort is their phone services. The Family Enhancement Centre is able to speak with clients privately via telephone. This is ideal for those clients who wish to be anonymous in gaining support and practical help from a qualified professional. The company’s phone counselling services are also widely chosen by those with a limited amount of time in their personal lives. Hardworking professionals can simply contact the company’s offices directly to organize an appointment during which a professional will answer their questions and guide them in resolving their mental health challenges.

One of the areas in which the company leads the local marketplace within their work is their grief counselling services. The company’s grief counselling work has become a trusted resource for those who have suffered unexpected or tragic events in their lives, which have prevented their own personal happiness. Whether the event was the loss of a loved one, a traffic accident or a financial issue, the experts at The Family Enhancement Centre are always ready to respond with a professional counselling service that helps build a foundation for positive growth.

The team at The Family Enhancement Centre continually focuses on providing value within their professional services. For example, in addition to offering free phone consultations to new clientele, the company also offers cost-effective pricing on therapy packages. Couples, for example, might want to consider the block of six sessions for their unique therapy needs. This offer entitles the couple to a free movie date with two adult movie passes, drinks and popcorn. It’s an example of the commitment to service innovation for which The Family Enhancement Centre has long been known.

To learn more on the services offered by the team at The Family Enhancement Centre, contact their Brampton offices directly today. Qualified specialists are available now to answer any questions.