Are you constantly getting plagued by negative thoughts? Do you find yourself suffering from low self-esteem? Has anxiety and depression crippled your life and you find it hard to communicate with the outside world? If the answer to any of the above-mentioned question is yes then instead of succumbing to these problems you need to seek cognitive behavioural therapy.

The Family Enhancement Center has a very solution-oriented approach to this negative pattern of thinking that can lead to anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, and chronic stress. The goal is to understand what triggered the issue in a person and then to bring in a clear and measurable change in thoughts. As part of the cognitive behavioral counselling, we help an individual to let go of the set pattern of thinking and behaviour that has created a negative influence on their mind.

The services provided by us help you to accept the challenges and thoughts that are a source of distress, counter them reasonably and finally let go of them. This empowers an individual to not fall for the negativity that rises in their mind but to move beyond it in order to live a happier life.

Why Is Help Necessary?
Our thoughts have a powerful influence in shaping our lives and us. If a person starts to have strong negative thoughts about themselves, their lives and others, it can have disastrous consequences. These thoughts also control how we respond to situations and the people around. So, if our approach to everything comes from anxiety and stress then it would be extremely difficult to tackle any situation.

Such patterns of thinking that are deeply impacted by anxiety and depression can affect one’s personal, social and professional life. At The Family Enhancement Centre, we help people come to terms with thoughts and behaviour that are creating a bad impact on their mental well being. We help them come to terms with the issue in order to address the problem.

If the problem goes unchecked then a single negative thought can lead to mental health issues, stressful life and even physical health problems. This therapy helps you cut chords with dysfunctional emotions, behaviours, and thoughts and clears your mind. This, in turn, helps you live a life where you are more positive and are not burdened by any thoughts that make you feel stressed or inferior.

Do You Really Need This Therapy?

  • Are you often and easily stressed about situations concerning your personal and professional life?
  • Do you have unreasonable expectations from yourself that end up disappointing you?
  • Is panic and anxiety attack a common occurrence in your life and hamper your daily dealings in life?
  • Do you have constant negative thoughts running through your mind?
  • Are you facing difficulty sleeping and suffer from insomnia?
  • Have you been concerned about your own negative pattern of thinking and behaviour and your general approach to life?
  • Is anxiety and stress creating a negative impact on your relationship with family and friends?

If you are undergoing any of the above-mentioned problems then you need to seek cognitive behavioural therapy.

How Can We Help You Counter This Problem?
The cognitive behavioral therapy services at The Family Enhancement Center are designed to address this issue and treat the problem in a holistic way. We provide counselling in multiple languages. We have offices in four different locations – Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, St. Catharines and Orangeville.

Our registered social workers, therapists and counsellors are well trained and have a compassionate and dedicated approach towards everyone. During the therapy, the counsellor will help you understand as to what is currently happening in your life. They will encourage talking about past experiences that shaped your present thought. The aim of the therapy is to understand the chain of links that created the present negative pattern, to acknowledge it and to break it.

At our cognitive behavioral therapy center, we assure that help is always at hand and no one feels left out. The negative thought patterns and behaviours are dangerous but through training and practice, this can be changed. Seek help today to be able to lead a happier, fulfilling and empowering life.

Meet some of our team members, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

  • Ruth Simmonds – Registered Social Worker
    Ruth is a Registered Social Worker with over 20 years experience including specialized training in Family Systems Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.