Relationships are great, but they can also be challenging. Yet, to make them work, some key elements need to be maintained. These fundamentals include clear communication, respect, and co-operation. As the holiday approaches, support and the ability to compromise becomes even more necessary. 

Each partner has their own family. Every family has their own beliefs and traditions that they follow during the holiday season. Some people travel overseas to see their family or exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Other practices include hosting “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties and entertaining dinners at their home on Christmas day. Whatever the tradition may entail, learning to blend these customs or find a way to compromise is crucial for this season.

If you’re wondering how you can come to a mutual agreement for the holidays with your partner, here are some suggestions. 

Where Should We Go for the Holidays? 

When it comes to compromising, it can be pretty intimidating for some people. Many assume that it requires giving up something that they love. However, compromising can involve discussion and negotiation. As opposed to eliminating something that you love for the individual happiness of your partner, consider reaching common ground. 

If both sides of your family are planning a dinner or special festivities, consider being flexible with your time. Dividing the time evenly amongst both sides is a great way to compromise. For instance, attending your partners’ Christmas Eve gift exchange with their family, followed by your family’s dinner on Christmas Day, is a suitable agreement.   

Alternatively, to better understand the importance of the holidays for your partner and his family, have a discussion. Here, you can chat about which aspects of the holiday are particularly important for each family. Does one side of the family deem Christmas more important due to fond memories, and attached feelings? Or perhaps certain family members come to visit during this season. Take the time to discuss the significance held for the holidays and consider these before deciding.

Celebrate the Holiday Another Time

Shifting the holiday is entirely reasonable, as making everyone happy on Christmas day can be impossible. For instance, you or your partner may want to see family overseas or in a neighbouring city. However, financial inadequacies or limited vacation time may affect your ability to connect. 

Therefore, celebrating the holiday another time in the year is okay as well. Some individuals choose to celebrate Christmas on Boxing Day. Here they visit family that they were unable to see on Christmas. Others choose to see extended family on a subsequent holiday. During this time, they combine prior holidays, making it a very happy occasion for everyone. 

 If you’re unable to see family that is overseas during the Christmas season this year, you can always plan to see them the following year. Or, as mentioned, consider making up for lost time on another holiday. If your finances play a role, creating a holiday budget before the selected travel time can help to offset costs. 

Everyone deserves to be happy during this delightful season. Consider compromising! It will make you and your partner much more comfortable knowing that a mutual agreement is achieved for the holidays.

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