Counselling Experts The Family Enhancement Centre Highlight Globe & Mail Article on Benefits of Social Worker Support

Leading Toronto area counselling company, The Family Enhancement Centre has recently promoted a discussion surrounding a Globe & Mail article on the subject of Social Work. The article, written by the Globe & Mail’s David Zitner, highlighted the high costs of seeing a psychiatrist and the difficulties that Canadians have with long wait times as a result of the demand for psychiatric services. It’s an article which speaks to the core of the current challenge within the industry and presents the case that counselling agencies, such as The Family Enhancement Centre, are ideally placed to handle the needs of Canadians with challenging mental health issues.

The latest data shows that 20% of Canadians will experience some form of mental illness within their lifetime. The studies also show that mental illness can affect people of all ages and capacities. Therefore, it’s a problem that every Canadian must understand to ensure they are prepared in the event they, or someone they know, require access to mental health care. One of the challenges many are experiencing is that it can take months to see a psychologist in Canada. This wait can be agonizing when dealing with a mental health issue and so now there is wide support for improvement in access to Social Worker services.

Within his article in the Globe & Mail, David Zitner proposed a solution to this continual challenge within the Canadian mental health industry. He believes that family counselling specialists should be the ones to administer talk therapy and other non-medical services, while psychiatrists should only be used for required medical treatment of mental health issues. By employing specialists such as the team at The Family Enhancement Centre to help overcome their personal challenges relating to grief, anxiety, relationships or any other mental health issues, Canadians can quickly find a counselling expert to help them move forward. It’s a process that thousands could use to improve their lives and improve access to required care across the country.

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