Counsellors in Brampton

Faiza Bhatti

MCP, Registered Psychotherapist
Faiza is a Registered Psychotherapist Therapist who has extensive experience working with individuals, children, youth, and families. Faiza graduated from Adler University Read More

Haneen Aboshawish

MCP, Registered Psychotherapist
Haneen is a Registered Psychotherapist with experience in addictions, family issues, grief, women’s issues, mood disorders, anxiety, self-esteem, stress, relationship issues, depression Read More

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Maureen Pangan

MSW, RSW, Couples Counsellor
Maureen is a Registered Social Worker who completed her Master and Bachelor of Social Work from Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. Her studies were based on working  Read More

Nancy Reeves

MSW, Registered Social Worker
Nancy is a Clinical Social Worker and Educator who has been counselling Youth, Families, Children, The Elderly, and Individuals on mental health issues relating to: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression Read More

Ian Andrew Wine

MSW, Youth Counsellor
Ian Andrew Wine is a Social Worker and Counsellor with 26+ years of experience. His background includes child welfare, criminal justice and mental health. Experience in assessment Read More

Shauna Thompson

MA, RP, CCC, Registered Psychotherapist
Shauna is a Registered Psychotherapist who comes with progressive experience working with clients and families who possess mental health issues.  Read More

Nikita Sehgal

MCP, BA, Registered Psychotherapist
Nikita is a Registered Psychotherapist who provides therapy to individuals, couples, youth and families. Nikita is a friendly, approachable and possesses emotional intelligence having worked with both acute and complex cases.  Read More

Joseph Nwabudike

MSW, RSW, BSc, Registered Social Worker
Joseph comes with progressive experience working with clients and families who possess psychosocial and emotional challenges.Joseph also has experience working in the developmental services sector.  Read More

Maryna Svitasheva

PhD, RP, Registered Psychotherapist
Maryna is a registered psychotherapist with over 23 years of experience. She has worked with all ages; children under 12 years, 12-17 years, adults, couples, groups and families.  Read More

Myra Batalvi

MCP, BSc, Registered Psychotherapist
Myra Batalvi is a Registered Psychotherapist (Q) who has experience working with individuals, children, families and groups. Myra graduated from Columbia University.  Read More

Abdulai Bayraytay

MSW, RSW, MA, BA, Registered Social Worker
Abdulai is a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s in Social Work . He has 15 + years of experience working with a diverse population of youth, families, and groups. He is active advocating for the rights of children and families. Read More

Experienced Team

Our counsellors are expert in marriage counselling, youth counselling, play therapy, family counselling, grief counselling, anger management, parenting, depression, anxiety and eating disorder related issues.

Court Approved

We offer court approved group programs for anger management and co-parenting. These are available as individual as well as group workshops.

Multiple Locations

The Family Enhancement Centre is easy to reach with conveniently located offices in Brampton, Mississauga, Niagara Falls and Orangeville.

Multiple Languages

Our counsellors come from different backgrounds and speak different languages including English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Malayalam, Arabic and Cantonese.

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