Court Approved Co-Parenting

The Family Enhancement Centre offers court approved individual counselling and group programs for co-parenting. The group will teach parents improved communication and conflict resolution strategies so they can raise their children even though they are divorced, separated or no longer living together. Currently, the group program is only available in our Brampton office, however, clients can also access similar content through individual counselling in our Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Orangeville and Brampton locations. We also provide our services through HIPAA compliant online counselling. You can avail all our programs including group workshops through online counselling.

A Co-Parenting Class is highly recommended when couples separate or divorce as strong emotions can run high and everyone wants to ensure their children are not negatively affected. Courts can also recommend, or even direct parents to attend co-parenting classes in some situations and they look favorably on parents who are serious about learning how to protect their children from parental conflict. Our cooperative parenting group prepares you for this change and provides you with necessary tools to support your children effectively and deal with your ex-spouse or partner. We have designed the program to assist separating parents in reducing parental conflict and the risk factors that negatively influence your child’s post-separation adjustment. The program will help improve the quality of parental communication in cases of joint custody, shared access and change of custody or access whether with the other parent or even with other family members like grandparents.

Currently we are running an intensive two days  psycho-educational program consisting of sixteen hours. The group is suitable for those parents with minimal to moderate conflict in their relationship and although it is recommended it is not necessary for both parents to attend. Upon completion of the program, you will get a court-approved certificate of attendance.

Objectives of Co-Parenting Group

Group programs are in Brampton and clients can also access similar content through individual counselling in Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Orangeville and Brampton.

  • Guide parents in shifting their roles from partners to co-parents.
  • Educate parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on their child’s development.
  • Help parents identify their role and contribution in conflict while increasing impulse control.
  • Teach parents anger management, communication, and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Educate parents about children’s issues and needs in divorce.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Putting children first
  • Allowing children to love both their parents
  • Changing the status of my long-term role in the family.
  • Choosing to make things better or keep it bitter?
  • Managing my own anger
  • Taking control of conflict
  • Negotiating agreements
  • Co-Parenting is forever

Bonus Information Provided

Our programs are court approved. You get a certificate of completion after completing our group program and a letter of attendance when you attend individual sessions for co-parenting.

  • How to know if your kids are struggling with the split.
  • What are the normal emotional and behavioural reactions of your children to divorce?
  • What are the ‘red flags’ to be aware of?
  • When to seek professional help.
  • Community resources and services.

Co-Parenting Group Benefits for Children

The co-parenting group is designed to help reduce parental conflict. It benefits children by:

  • Letting them stay children and not have to worry about adult problems
  • Teaching and modeling effective communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Showing them that your love for them is greater than your anger at their other parent
  • Reducing their symptoms of stress as parental conflict decreases
  • Increasing the chances of two actively involved parents
  • Reducing their need to choose between parents
  • Creating a more relaxed and positive atmosphere at home
  • Reducing the chances of adolescent drug & alcohol problems, teenage pregnancy, school dropouts and crime
  • Enhancing their confidence & self-esteem by creating an optimal environment at home

 Co-Parenting Group Benefits for Parents

The co-parenting group helps separating parents by:

  • Helping them to give first priority to their child needs
  • Helping them to rebuild their lives as separate individuals
  • Helping them focus on present child-rearing issues instead of past marital issues
  • Helping them acknowledge the bond between the child and both parents
  • Demonstrating long-term benefits of parenting
  • Teaching them to take responsibility for their own actions that contribute to tough situations

Benefits for Court

  • Shows court that protecting your children from conflict is a priority.
  • Proof that you are willing to take action to make positive change happen.
  • If the other parent refuses to attend it show your level of commitment to ensure healthy outcomes.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance confirming 16 hours of adult education specifically on the topic of co-parenting.

The Family Enhancement Centre has been helping separating couples with cooperative parenting, divorce counselling and counselling for children & youth for over 10 years. We offer comprehensive support, counselling, and assistance designed to help parents keep their children safe and happy throughout this transition.

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