Custom Workshops

TFEC’s Corporate Services Team can provide customized workshops on a spectrum of mental health topics. Here are some recently created for other clients that can be customized to your group’s requirements, or serve as inspiration for unique content curated especially for your organization. Find out how TFEC’s Corporate Services can tailor mental health and wellness content directly for your organization.

  • Workshop: Leave the Loop of Languishing and Re-Discover Your ‘Why’
    Nothing like a global pandemic to make you revaluate your life. After months of being confined and restricted, overworked or laid off, living with financial uncertainty, how do just act as if nothing ever happened?
  • Workshop: Self-Care for Stress Management
    The word ‘stress’ simply describes people’s physical and/or emotional responses to the demands of modern living. Nobody loves stress. Yet, stress can be positive, stimulating growth. This workshop will help you learn how.
  • Workshop: Taking Stock of Pandemic Grief and Loss
    Many have lost cherished others to COVID. These losses are valid, bringing feelings that can hit right away or in waves over time. This workshop helps participants identify and honour losses and take steps to move on.
  • Workshop: Resisting Burnout and Rebuilding Resilience
    Resilience is the ability to cope with setbacks and become stronger because of them. In this seminar, participants learn strategies to build or rebuild personal resilience as a hedge against burnout.
  • Workshop: Returning to the Workplace – Am I Ready?
    For many, the exciting prospect of ‘back to normal’ can be overshadowed by anxiety. Unaddressed, anxiety can get in the way of achieving even basic tasks. The trick is to recognize anxiety and take steps to manage it.
  • Workshop: The Only Certain Thing Is Change
    Change is one of life’s guaranteed constants. In this workshop, participants learn about the different phases of change, the emotions it produces, and how to manage them productively.