Darlene Mignacco is a Registered Social Worker with extensive experience providing counselling in the areas of mental health, specializing in youth and elderly. Darlene has worked with the under-served population on the west side of Chicago providing services to Seniors and troubled Youth. She has also spent many years working in a hospital setting providing therapy to those with mental health issues. She is client-focused and honours the process each individual has towards health and wellness. 

She believes everyone has the capacity to move through difficult challenges if given a safe nurturing environment for exploration, identification and awareness of feelings. As a giving and compassionate person, she creates a “relational” container using a non-judgmental approach to help individuals improve their lives and enhance their relationships building strength and awareness.

Therapy does not make your experiences go away, but it can help you understand them in a new way, fostering insight.

Qualifications: Darlene has a Master of Social Work and training in Narrative Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy and Psycho-dynamic Therapy.

Languages: English

Availability: Phone/Video Counselling by Appointment.

“I believe no one knows you better than YOU do. It is my privilege to work with you as you journey through the process of self-discovery”