Expert Counsellors at The Family Enhancement Centre Now Offering Direct Help for Rape Victims

Brampton, Ontario-based The Family Enhancement Centre is now introducing a new service to provide help for rape victims as they cope with mental health challenges they face. As one of the most under-reported crimes in Canada, many millions of rape victims are suffering in silence. The services of The Family Enhancement Centre will help victims move forward in their personal lives and eliminate many current issues stemming from the incident.

The latest studies highlight the startling numbers of Canadian women and men who have experienced abuse or sexual assault. At least half of all women across the country have experienced at least one such incident. This means many millions could be reliving the trauma of a past sexual violence event in their day-to-day lives. It’s imperative that victims understand that expert counsellors are available to meet their evolving care requirements. And the team at The Family Enhancement Centre leads the field in Canada within this particular area of trauma counselling.

By offering their expert help for rape victims, The Family Enhancement Centre’s specialists will work to bring a sense of personal comfort to clientele. The company’s team is eminently qualified within the industry, and their members have worked with children, youth, adults and families to alleviate mental health issues relating to traumatic events.

For those who are experiencing symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, sweating and flashbacks, the expertise of The Family Enhancement Centre team can help. The organization offers a free counselling service to those who have experienced a traumatic sexual assault event within the last 90 days. Offered in association with the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office, this free service offers immediate expert counselling and guidance for those suffering from the effects of a recent trauma.

The Family Enhancement Centre team offers the utmost confidentiality and can offer their services in an array of languages, including Hindi, Romanian, Tamil, Malayalam and Russian. It’s a comprehensive service designed to meet the full array of sexual assault counselling requirements within the local community.

To learn more on the available sexual assault counselling services offered by The Family Enhancement Centre, please contact their offices directly or visit