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The Family Enhancement Centre offers trusted family counselling services from its offices in Brampton, Mississauga, Niagara Falls & Orangeville. This is where we can see the whole family together with all of its members.

Call today to book your seat for next Family Counselling Therapy

Call today to book your seat for next Family Counselling Therapy

Benefits of Family Counselling:

There are many benefits that can be achieved if a family decides to obtain counselling services. A counsellor can support members of the family in learning strategies to manage stress and anxiety, strengthen communication, address conflict and work towards developing positive, healthy and functional family dynamics.

At the Family Enhancement Centre families can take many shapes, forms and sizes:

  • Parents with their biological children
  • Adults with adopted children
  • Parents with step children
  • Adults with foster children
  • Adult children and their minor children living with their parents
  • Parents or in-laws living with their adult children…

We offer many ways to support and reconnect families, here are a few:

Family counselling is a very important part of the process of blending families together. It is amazing when two people with their own values, perspectives and goals can come together without any issues. However, when you add parenting philosophies and approaches as well as multiple little personalities of any children involved it is a downright miracle if there isn’t some kind of problem.

Blended Families:

One of the most well known and recognized blended families from recent history is the Brady Bunch. Do you remember them? It was a mom with 3 girls and dad with 3 boys who got married, moved in together and everything was great – not like many families I know!Although the blending of families is increasingly more common it is also an extremely challenging and complex task. However, with time and support most blended families can manage to form positive, healthy and functional relationships with their members.

Our counsellors

We have a team of highly trained bereavement counsellors in Brampton, Mississauga, Niagara Falls and Orangeville, who have years of experience helping people deal with issues related to grief and mourning effectively.

Rimi Chaggar

MSW, Registered Counsellor 

Heidi Payne

MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker

Ian Andrew Wine

MSW, Youth Counsellor

Domine Rutayisire

MSW, Registered Counsellor

Mark Grinnel

MSW, Registered Social Worker


MSW, RSW, Couples Counsellor

John Quaye

MSW, Registered Social Worker

Ruth Simmonds

MSW, Registered Social Worker
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