The Family Enhancement Centre announces Psychotherapy Insurance for Canadian Residents

Psychotherapy with a Social Worker is now accepted as a medical expense through  Canada Revenue 

According to the Canadian based counselling center The Family Enhancement Centre clients will now be able to use psychotherapy as a medical expense through Canada Revenue. The announcement takes its cue from the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) that now allows locals who access clinical services that are provided by Registered Social Workers to claim these services through the Medical Tax Credit (METC).

Clinical social workers are increasingly being recognized as qualified providers. The profession is only one of five in Canada that can provide the regulated act of psychotherapy. Since social workers are now approved for the medical expense tax credit through Canada Revenue patients can now claim the expenses that are associated with counselling sessions at the end of the year along with other health expenses on their taxes.  This authorizes Registered Social Workers in the country as medical practitioners when it comes to claiming medical expenses on income tax returns. This is an important achievement for the profession as well for locals who purchase medical services from Social Workers.

When asked how the new rules will affect locals trying to cope with the expenses associated with psychotherapy treatments and anger management in Brampton, a spokesperson from TFEC had this to say, “Psychotherapy is a medical expense in itself so the new change will likely be a relief for families who previously had to pay for psychotherapy sessions. The change is sure to strengthen the value of the profession and allow Social Workers to provide a more extensive array of clinical services to Canadians for issues such as anger management.”

The spokesperson also adds how the implementation facilitates the Centre’s aim to working towards a state of wellness for the patients that they cater to, “Our aim always has and will be to help people achieve a state of wellness for their families as well as for themselves. Something like that will be difficult to do if they have to pay an arm and a leg for every counselling session.”

CASW promotes the profession of Social Work in Canada. Social Work itself is a profession that aims to help individuals, groups, families and communities for their collective as well as individual well being. In addition to helping individuals resolve their personal problems Social Work also acknowledges or resolves broader social issues such as unemployment, domestic violence, anger management in Brampton and poverty.

Since psychotherapy with Registered Social Workers is now considered to be a medical expense by CRA an individual’s psychotherapy costs could be paid by their insurance companies, some of them directly to the service provider. Most extended health insurance companies allow subscribers a certain number of therapy sessions throughout the year, however the fact that they do is still a welcome relief for people who need to ease the financial burdens that are associated with comprehensive psychotherapeutic treatments.

The underfunding of social and health service programs by every level of government usually makes it difficult for local residents to access valuable counselling services. The conservative estimate of mental health problems in Canada is estimated to be about $14 billion so psychotherapy as a medical expense through Social Work is a relief for many. The coverage of Social Work counselling services through private health plans offers members of the public a valuable option when it comes to acquiring valuable counselling services almost immediately.

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