The Family Enhancement Centre Expands Suite of Youth Counselling Services

Brampton, ON-based The Family Enhancement Centre has recently announced the expansion of their range of youth counselling services. The clinic’s latest services have been designed to meet the mental health requirements of teenagers struggling with depression and other issues. As part of their expansion, the clinic team will now also be offering youth counselling for clients within their own home. This new service will help improve patient comfort and ensure they’re able to communicate with a specialist at a time and place of their convenience.

Teenagers and young adults often find it difficult to discuss their personal feelings with loved ones. As they become adults, they go through a range of challenging events that can have a lasting impact on their personal mental health. It’s therefore imperative that they have access to effective youth counselling services to help them overcome any mental hurdles they encounter on the road to adulthood. The specialists at The Family Enhancement Centre have great experience in this area of counselling and their services have recently expanded to include home therapy.

The Family Enhancement Centre’s at-home therapy service will enable young adults and teenagers to speak with a qualified specialist within the comforting confines of their family home. In addition to the convenience, the great benefit of securing the services of The Family Centre is that they can begin sessions within a week of first contact with a client. This ensures clients don’t face an agonizing wait for resolution to their mental health requirements. In addition, as a community-focused organization, The Family Enhancement Centre provides their services to clientele in multiple languages. They currently offer youth counselling in the languages of English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Russian and Romanian.

After seeing a Family Enhancement Centre specialist, clients should notice a significant decrease in their level of tension and anxiety. It’s a comforting service designed to address the needs of the modern-day young adult. To learn more about The Family Enhancement Centre and their services, please contact their offices directly today or visit their website at Consultations are available on short notice to clients throughout the local area.