The Family Enhancement Centre Now Offers Family Counselling in a Range of Languages

Leading specialist for personalized counselling services, The Family Enhancement Centre are now offering their family counselling services in a broad array of languages to suit the needs of the community across Toronto. The company’s Toronto family counselling services ensure qualified counsellors are ready and available to communicate directly with non-English speakers from various ethnic backgrounds. The Family Enhancement Centre now employs specialists to meet the needs of those who speak Hindi, Romanian, Tamil, Malayalam or Russian to ensure that communication barriers as well as personal issues are overcome effectively.

The multi-ethnic make-up of Canada is one of its strongest assets. But for those who arrive in the country and have difficulties speaking English or French, it can be challenging to find help when personal issues arise. It’s important that family issues such as dynamic challenges between couples, and conflicts between siblings are addressed professionally and with the calm understanding of all stakeholders. Now, speakers of Hindi, Malayalam, Romanian, Russian or Tamil will have access to qualified resources in Toronto through the family counselling experts at The Family Enhancement Centre.

The Family Enhancement Centre offers clients a professional environment in which to take part in family counselling activities. One of the organization’s leading services is Art Therapy and Play Therapy, which helps children to connect with their family members as well as the world around them.  It’s the type of therapy that can encourage children to speak about their internal issues and inspire them to open up to parents as well as other adults in their lives. The Family Enhancement Centre also now offers direct phone counselling services, for those who wish to discuss their personal family issues privately, in their own language, with a qualified professional. This service is ideal for newcomers to Canada who are struggling with the transition process and wish to discuss potential solutions to their unique family challenges.

Qualified professionals are now available to work with families across Toronto. To learn more on the complete range of services now offered through The Family Enhancement Centre, please contact the company directly or visit