Counselling Support for Victims of Rape

Brampton, Ontario-based counselling organization, The Family Enhancement Centre has announced that they’re offering a specialized service that assures help for rape victims. Through the organization, those who have been the victim of a rape or domestic violence can now receive care from an experienced and understanding counsellor. The Family Enhancement Centre now provides a broad suite of counselling services including both phone counselling and in-home counselling options.

By helping victims work through their traumatic symptoms of a previous rape incident, professional counsellors can ensure those who have been raped achieve the highest level of care. But one of the many challenges experienced by rape victims is the feeling of solitude and the feeling that they are unable to speak out about the incident. Experts such as the team at The Family Enhancement Centre are now helping their clients throughout the region respond to these challenges and begin to adapt back to their everyday lives.

The Family Enhancement Center’s counsellors are highly experienced within the field of rape counselling. They understand the signs related to post-traumatic stress disorder that many victims experience. They also have great experience working with a broad range of clientele, including children, youths, adults and family groups. A leading advantage of The Family Enhancement Centre service is that clients can choose the type of counselling that allows them to feel the most comfortable. Clients might wish to begin their counselling work by speaking with a Family Enhancement Centre counsellor over the phone, for example. They can then work through the process in anonymity while retaining the comfort a close connection to an understanding professional can assure.

Each of the therapists employed by The Family Enhancement Centre is registered and covered under most extended health benefits. And the company also works in unison with the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office to provide free counselling services to those who have experienced a rape or sexual assault within the previous 90 days. These cases do not have to be proven to qualify for free counselling and they do not have to have been reported to the police.

The Family Enhancement Centre counsellors work tirelessly to support all clients who have experienced a sexual assault or rape incident. To learn more about the organization’s counselling help for rape victims, please contact their offices directly or visit