If we look at the life of happiest people around us we will notice that they have many things in common. There are certain acts they do, ways they behave and things they believe in that all work together to create the perfect foundation for a beautiful happy and fulfilled life.

We can learn a lot simply by taking a closer look at people who are just pleasant and happy and observing what they have in common.

The interesting thing is that we can emulate the things happy people do and their approach to life. We can take a look at what works for them and perhaps try to identify areas where we may want to improve in our own lives. By emulating traits of happy people it is not that we try to be someone or something that we are not, but rather we are open to learning and understand that there may be some adjustments we will have to make in order to live a life we aspire.

On the basis of observing the traits and habits of Happy People and reading hundreds of self help books on Happy Living, we are presenting a list of golden rules to live a happy fulfilling life.

Golden Rules for a Happy Life:

Smile when you mean it: Even if you’re not feeling very high-spirited, cultivating a happy thought – and then smiling about it – could raise your happiness levels and make you more productive. It is important to be genuine with your smile. According to one research – faking a smile while experiencing negative feelings could actually worsen your mood.

Present Focus: People who are genuinely happy typically concentrate more on the present moment as opposed to the past or future. If you are not focused on the present moment, you are not going to be happy in the present moment. It is important to remember the past, but it is negative to dwell in it, just like it is important to plan for the future, but it is unhealthy to obsess over it. Focus on being happy right now.

Embrace Change: Life is changing every moment and happy people tend to be well aware of that. In order to cultivate happy thoughts it is important to be open to change. Listen to the suggestions of your well-wishers, respect and consider all opinions, and take criticism constructively rather than offensively.

Believe That Everything Happens For a Reason: Always remember that everything happens for a reason. Life may take you through difficult times but there is always a lesson to be learned, and there is always something you can take away from a situation. Tough situations shape us mentally, emotionally, and physically; and help us become the person we are supposed to be.

Gratitude: Gratitude is necessary for lasting happiness. You have to honestly appreciate everything you have in life in order to be content with it. If you don’t feel thankful, you’re always going to be looking for more, irrespective of how much you already have. Express your gratitude, openly and regularly, for all the good things in your life, and forget what you “could” have – concentrate on what you do have.

Make Exercise a Priority: Stress and negativity can take a serious toll on your body. You will yourself realize unhappiness manifest itself in the form of wrinkles and weight gain, among other problems. Happy people tend to have a high self worth, and want to maintain a long happy life through regular workout. Exercise has been found to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress, thanks to the several brain chemicals that are released which amplify feelings of happiness and relaxation. In addition, working out makes us appreciate our bodies more.

Eat Well: If you don’t eat healthy, you will be unhealthy and unsurprisingly – unhappy. To avoid that fate, start eating fresh, healthy, and delicious meals. Constantly monitor what you eat and look for ways to improve.

Devote Some of Your Time for Giving: If you can give some of your time for the benefit of others, you will feel good about yourself and have a high self worth. A recent study has found Volunteer work to be good for both mental and physical health. People who volunteer are usually happier and experience better physical health and less depression.

Surround Yourself with Other Happy People: Joy is contagious. A research study has found that those who are surrounded by happy people are more likely to become happy in the future. This is a reason good enough to dump those who spread negativity and spend more time with uplifting people.

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