Karen Walters is a Registered Social Worker with experience in providing counselling to youth and adults, offering Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Karen has provided therapy in the areas of mental health, specializing in anxiety and depression, self esteem and self worth.  She also has experience working with special needs individuals and their families. Karen has first hand experience in the area of eating disorders and is passionate about helping others work through their experiences and concerns to reach a place of wellness.

Karen uses a strength-based approach to help lead clients through a process of self-discovery bringing them to an awareness of how to move towards healing.  Karen recognizes that wellness is attached to every aspect of the person and focuses on the connection and balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Karen is a curious, compassionate, empathetic, culturally competent person appreciating that every person is unique and an expert in their own lives.  Karen helps clients in recognizing their strengths and resources and engages them in their power to belong.

Qualifications: Karen has her Bachelor Degree in Food and Nutrition and Social Work. She is currently working on completing her Masters of Social Work. 

Languages: English

Availability: Karen works out of our St.Catharines office