Practicing since 1996.

Maryna is a Registered Psychotherapist with 23 years of experience. Maryna has a passion for working with children, adults, couples and families. She has experience in play therapy as well as extensive training and experience in Gestalt therapy.

Maryna has worked with all ages; children under 12 years, 12-17 years, adults, couples, groups and families.  She has provided therapy for all mild, moderate and severe cases- she has a passion for what she does and wants to see her clients progress into a better form of themselves, happy and healthy.

:  Maryna has a PhD in Psychological Services and a Master’s degree in Psychology. Maryna also has a diploma in Psychotherapy.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Availability: Maryna is available for counselling in Mississauga and Brampton.  She is available for daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Articles by Maryna Svitasheva, Ph.D.

  • Knock on the door!
    The simple practice of knocking on their door helps your child learn about healthy boundaries and respect. It’s a great habit to begin early in the little one’s life.
  • Should I Duplicate My Parents Model?
    It is not mandatory to be like your parents. Your parenting story may be happier if you exercise creativity and acceptance.