Some of the major challenges facing Canadian society today trace back to mental illness, drug abuse, low incomes and early childhood problems. A Government study on health and quality of life identified the trends and challenges for the community to address.

Some of the top priorities highlighted in the study are:

Address mental health: The study relates rising mental health problems to social isolation, poor work performance, alcohol and drug abuse and criminal behaviour. In order to improve such behaviour, the community must discuss the matter openly and ensure adequate access to mental health services.

Tackle substance abuse: There are no surprises as the study ties use of alcohol and drugs to lost jobs, death and harm to children. Around 3/4th of the country’s jail population is there for some problem related to substance abuse, according to the study findings. The problem can be handled by bringing a change in cultures and attitudes. As of now alcohol and sometimes drugs among youth have incorporated into pastimes and celebrations.

Improve wages: It’s difficult for people without high school or advanced degrees to get decent paying jobs. The study suggests community leaders and employers work to improve education levels, drive economic growth for higher-wage jobs and increase wages of current low-paying works streams.

Get children off to a good start: Mental health, substance abuse and poor incomes all affect children in our society. When children experience trauma, that stress can harm the development of their brains and negatively affect physical, mental and social behaviour. The study suggests helping families overcome challenges which affect the children and building resilience in kids to help them bounce back from adverse situations.

How The Family Enhancement Centre can help children and adults
The Family Enhancement Centre is a leading name for counselling in Mississauga, Brampton, Niagara Falls and Orangeville. We are a team of highly experienced social workers, youth workers, marriage counsellors, child counsellors and play therapists who can address all your mental health issues, overcome your challenges and help you achieve your goals.

Our counsellors have been helping people suffering from mental problems for over a decade. Our services include counselling for anxiety, depression, trauma, anger and other mental health related issues. We can also help children and adults effectively deal with substance abuse problem. Our play therapists understand what your child is going and can help them overcome adversities.

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