When you’re challenged by feelings of unworthiness, you may think you don’t deserve good things in your life, like a job promotion, to be happy, or even the love from your partner.

While there are several potential causes of feeling undeserving, there are also several steps you can take to help you feel worthy and deserving.

Feeling unworthy can leave you unmotivated and can make self-care difficult. Since these thoughts can have such a negative effect on your quality of life, it’s important to learn how to reclaim your self-worth and recognize what a deserving person you are.

Try these steps to reclaim your self-worth:

1. Acknowledge your emotions
Instead of judging your emotions, you can make space for them. Being mindful of your feelings can help you lean into acceptance.

2. Have a plan
Sometimes penning down your intentions can help change a habit that doesn’t serve you. You could try making a loose plan with as much (or as little!) detail as you need. It can involve specific strategies like talking aloud to yourself to interrupt negative thoughts of worthlessness when they arise.

3. Enlist help from your inner circle
Asking for help is one of the most important steps you can take. Beyond listening, those who care about you may also be able to help lift your spirits and point out your hard work. A therapist can be a solid addition to your inner circle as well.

4. Commit to your best and understand that changes day to day
A lot of things can influence what your best will look like each day, including factors beyond your control. Committing to your best doesn’t mean perfection. Instead, it means doing what you can at the moment and accepting it will not always be flawless, and that it is OK, because what you are doing is enough.

5. Celebrate your strengths
By acknowledging the things you know you can do well, it can help you know yourself better and send some more self-love your way.

A qualified counsellor can assist you in reclaiming your strengths and resources and provide support and insight while you do this activity. They will also be supportive as you work through your self-reflection.

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