Couples / Marital Counselling

When you participate in marriage counselling you have an opportunity to get to know your spouse again. Couples who have been together awhile have a tendency to talk superficially or about things and issues other than themselves. Partners often quit talking about the things they think and feel.
Couples counselling can guide you through your unresolved issues, including the emotional baggage from your family of origin that may be re-created and played out in your current relationship. You have an opportunity to identify how your prior experiences “colour” how you experience your life now, and can learn how to neutralize the negative impact of your histories. In doing so, you can visualize the relationship that you want, discover how to accomplish it, and begin to work toward your relationship goals.

At The Family Enhancement Centre, we can help. We are specialists in the area of couples /marriage counselling and posses over a decade of experience helping couples become more connected, closer and better able to handle disagreements, anger and conflict. Our friendly therapists are skilled at quickly putting you at ease and making each session a positive experience. Services are available from our counselling facilities in Brampton, Mississauga, Niagara Falls and Orangeville.

Couple Counselling is helpful in concerns regarding