Customized half-day and one-day soft skill training workshop are available for our corporate behavioral wellness clients. Here are jus a few of the courses available to be led by our skilled professional facilitators:

Developing Resilience
Stress Risk Assessment
Employee Wellness
Stress Management
Personality Types in the Workplace
Prioritizing & Planning
Effective Communication Skills
Psychological Safety at Work
Body Language Training
Interpersonal Skills
Coaching Essentials
Managing Difficult Behaviours
Listening Skills
Appreciative Inquiry: Best Practices for Change
Dealing with Challenging People
Team Building Training
Workplace Reflective Practice
Self-Development for Managers
Emotional Intelligence at Work
Conflict Handling
Conflict Resolution
Anxiety at Work
Anger Management
Informal Resolution
Introduction to Coaching
Problem Solving Techniques
Great Leadership
Understanding Change
Managing Workplace Culture
Absence Management
Employee Engagement
Delegation Skills
Communicating Difficult Messages
Engaging Teams with Data
Crisis Management
Understanding Motivation
Organizational Root Cause Analysis
Positive Leadership
Managing a Virtual Team
Bullying and Harassment
Understanding Harassment & Bullying
Managers Guide to Appraisals
Unconscious Bias
Understanding Diversity
Culture, Race & Religion
Collaboration at Work
Effective Communication
Coaching Skills for Managers
Interpersonal Skills
Assertiveness in Action
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Facilitation Skills Best Practice
Cross Cultural Communication
Dealing with Phone Rage
Selling Skills Model
Influencing Skills
The Art of Negotiation
Sales Objection Handling