Stress Management Experts at Family Enhancement Invite Patients to Latest Programs at New Orangeville Location.

Trusted specialists for comprehensive counselling services, The Family Enhancement Centre have announced the opening of a new location. The company will now be serving clients across Orangeville with a range of stress management programs designed to help individuals alleviate stress, improve their personal relationships and drive forward in meeting their life goals.

Each year, thousands of Canadians turn to professional counsellors for guidance in overcoming challenges in their life. With the issues that have their roots in home life or the individual’s career, expert counselling can help Canadians to reduce the level of stress they place upon themselves and those to whom they are closest. Oftentimes, the most difficult element in the counselling process is that first step. It’s still difficult for many to find that expert counselling service within their own home town. Fortunately for those living in Orangeville, the team at Family Enhancement Centre is now offering direct services through their new local facility.

The company’s Orangeville facility is located in the downtown core of the city on Broadway Street. One of the leading service advantages they now offer through this new facility is their extended evening and weekend hours for those with working commitments. An example of the services the company will bring to the city is their expertise in couples counselling. By working with one of the Family Enhancement Centre’s specialists, couples can work through their relationship challenges and achieve a comprehensive understanding of their partner’s point-of-view on any common problems.

Additional programs available through the Family Enhancement Centre include stress management services and trauma counselling, for those who have been through incidents such as car accidents or the death of a family member. With their presence in Orangeville, the Family Enhancement Centre facility will also help fill the market demand for expert counselling services for children with emotional issues. As the only full-service counselling centre in the city, the facility is set to provide lasting respite for families and individuals across Orangeville.

Our Services in Orangeville:

  • Family counselling
  • Couple counselling
  • Youth counselling
  • Grief counselling
  • Depression counselling
  • Anger management
  • Play therapy

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