The Christmas holidays are a time of cheer. It is a holiday marked by countless festivities that encourage close interactions in intimate settings. During this season, family and friends are urged to get together to enjoy each other’s company. Here, they bask in the joy and glee for which this season is recognized. 

Unfortunately, the holidays are not always a blissful time for everyone. For some, it is a reminder of lost connections, rifts, weak familial ties, and a series of days marked by loneliness. Are you seeking to make amends and avoid the contempt of battling the holidays alone? Here are some suggestions on what you can do to prevent a blue Christmas.

Open the Door to Healing

With a mix of various personalities, disagreements are sure to arise in every family. Amongst parent and child, this is no different. There will be moments of conflict. Generally, the disputes that arise are brief.  They last for some time and are then quickly resolved. However, when they continue extensively, this is where the problem lies. 

Finding the root of these prolonged issues can help to grant some clarity. It may not initially resolve the problem right away, but it can open the doors for healing. Enabling communication creates a moment for renewal and peace. Before the holidays, consider approaching your child with a heart of forgiveness, and a willingness to heal the emotional wound. 

Adopt A Heart of Compassion

It is hard to find comfort when we are separated from our loved ones. This reality is especially true amongst parents and their children due to the connection they share. Without reconciliation or at least a drive to make amends, the harm only deepens. 

Hence, as the holidays approach, reaching out to your children with a heart of compassion can help to break down barriers. It demonstrates your sincerity and willingness to move beyond the issues at hand.  Witnessing your drive to repair can bring warmth to a cold heart, and eventually resolve broken ties.  

Extend an Offer for Peace 

When there is a disagreement, the feud must eventually come to an end. Sometimes someone has to be the peacemaker. Extending a hand of reconciliation can lead to harmony and peace. Deciding to put the conflict aside shows accountability and choosing to forgive fosters healing.  Performing these actions can lead to a much brighter Christmas.

Break the Ice with Some Humor

During the holiday, as you attend family gatherings or you invite your children and family members over, remember to break the ice. Consider using lighthearted humor to bring some overdue warmth to the situation. With grace, humor and shared laughter can quickly defuse hard feelings.

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