Grief is the experience of loss. Grief may be a response to losing someone or something, such as a family member, friend, pet, co-worker, job, or home. Grief is an essential but consuming emotion. After a loss, it may feel like grief robbed us of our happiness and hope. Grieving may be different for everyone, which is why you may feel lonely and isolated. However, you may feel relief knowing you are not alone.

In addition to the stresses of losing someone, there may be certain pressures to “move on.” People may try to hide their emotions, resulting in prolonged grief and anxiety. There is no shame in grieving, and it’s important to grieve at your own pace. Grief should never be rushed or ignored and should not be seen as a weakness. Despite how you grieve, it’s important that your grieving is healing you over time.

It is essential to be understanding to yourselves and others during difficult moments in life. Anyone grieving is looking to be heard by talking about their loss, memories, and regrets. Talking to people who understand you may help you express your feelings and feel relief. Family and friends are encouraged to provide comfort and look out for the grieving person.

Over time, if your grieving process is not healing, you can fall into depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other health problems.

The article Kubler-Ross’s 5 Stages of Grief in 2022 by TFEC Team explains the five stages of grief. For more information, visit

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