When a relationship begins, there is always an influx of emotions. Both partners are so smitten with another. There is a genuine eagerness to spend quality time, communicate, build intimacy, and strengthen that bond. However, in many relationships, as the years progress, the spark tends to diminish. Each person becomes complacent, losing their willingness to strive for more or maintain the bliss that was so robust in the relationship. If you’re feeling as though that glimmer of love is losing its presence in your relationship, understand that you are not alone. Complacency is one of the most common occurrences in a relationship. Its effects extend beyond being comfortable, taking a lead of its own. Here are some suggestions on how you can begin revitalizing that emotional and physical connection.

Restore Communication

In relationships being able to speak and connect with your partner is crucial. You want to be heard, but you also want to engage in discourse. Hence, when there is a lack of communication in a relationship, it can lead to isolation. When this occurs, there is a breakdown within the relationship due to a lost connection. Taking the time to communicate creates an opening that enables you to receive better insight about your partner and how they are feeling. Being sincere builds trust and establishes a stronger foundation. Through healthy communication, affection and connection can be reignited.

Initiate Date Nights

With busy schedules and daily responsibilities, making the time to go out can be nearly impossible. However, it is essential to set aside time for these moments. Going out may not be practical or conducive to a busy schedule, but staying in can be just as favourable. Having a romantic night at home, coupled with dinner, a movie, and some cuddle time is pretty great. Date nights may seem cliché, but they are quite beneficial. According to Psychology Today, date night is a necessity as it “enhances your friendship as well as your emotional connectedness.” Setting aside some “together time” for you and your partner can help to keep your relationship thriving. These moments work to eliminate stress and aims to strengthen the bond you share. With the holidays approaching, consider making more time for these moments to improve how you and your partner connect.

Affectionate Touch & Spontaneous Intimacy

In relationships, love remains strong, but the display of this sentiment tends to dwindle over time. Showing love or appreciation for your partner can be demonstrated by affectionate touch. Cuddling, kissing, hugging, and massages are just some ways to show your affection. These displays can make your partner feel loved. When love is evident, this offers reassurance and comfort to your partner, letting them know that the admiration is still present. In addition to affectionate touch, consider making intimacy, whether emotional or physical, a priority. Take the routine out of physical intimacy and make it an emotional connection. Doing so generates positive feelings that not only improve the relationship but also help to make both partners healthier emotional beings. To learn more about relationship counselling at The Family Enhancement Centre,  click here.