Have you wished you could do more to help alleviate someone’s emotional pain?

There is something you can do. Remind them their Status Card entitles them to covered therapy.

TFEC (The Family Enhancement Centre) expertly collaborates with a program called NIHB. Through the program, Ontario residents with a Status Card maybe 100% covered for 22 counselling sessions or more.

That means 22 hours of free mental health counselling. Per year. Enough time to build rapport, dig into an issue and begin to see progress.

This benefit has been available for years, yet many within First Nations communities are surprised to learn of it. To learn that NIHB addresses not only physical health and also mental health.

An Indigenous person with a Status Card living in Ontario could begin therapy as early as next week. It starts with a phone call. From there, our professional intake specialists can navigate the system and take care of details.

Clients do not need a medical referral or a prescription. All they need is a Status Card.

Our diverse team includes counsellors who have lived experience in marginalized communities. Indigenous clients can be talking to a compassionate, credentialed, capable counsellor within a week – no waiting list.

What issues can counselling help with?

Grief and Loss
Generational Trauma
Marital issues

For more information, please feel free to reach out to Macey Faith or Dawn Griffith at 905-799-2228.