The third week of the new year has begun. Three weeks ago, many of us were making New Year’s resolutions and goals – but did you stick to them?  

After days of celebration, the new year is a perfect time to reflect on oneself and aim towards self-betterment and improvement. We tend to fall “off track” because most goals are open-ended and do not have a clear motive or plan. 

In order for you to achieve your goals, you should create goals that align with your personal values. For example, if you value your health, you should strive to eat a healthy balanced diet and increase physical activity. 

Applying the SMART values-based goal can help create more attainable and successful plans. 

A SMART values-based goal is: 

  • Specific: The plan includes details like when, where, how, and with whom.
  • Meaningful:  The purpose aligns with your values.
  • Adaptive: The goal can adapt to changes in your life and schedule as needed.
  • Realistic: The goal is achievable without initial drastic changes to your lifestyle.
  • Time-framed: The plan addresses a specific date or duration. 

Opposed to creating a vague New Year’s resolution such as “less stressed out,” a SMART values-based goal might look like this: “I’m going to manage my mental health by communicating with my counsellor on a biweekly basis for the next three months.”

my stress by meditating before going to bed

Creating a SMART values-based goal may be challenging if you struggle to identify personal values. If this sounds like you or someone you know, talking with a counsellor is a great way to discover your values. Therapists at The Family Enhancement Centre can help you identify your values and set realistic and attainable goals. Book an appointment with a therapist by signing up on the form or call us today at 905-799-2228.