Brene Brown describes vulnerability as “the core, the heart, the center, of meaningful human experiences”. When we come from a place of vulnerability, we are letting someone into our internal experience and allowing them to see us for who we truly are. This can be scary, but the by-product of practicing vulnerability is worth it. 

When we practice vulnerability, we are sharing the most personal parts of us, the parts they can resonate with, and connect with the most; and hence we both feel seen.

Vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness.

Consider the following:

  • To be vulnerable and honestly share what you are going through is the first step towards seeking solution.
  • Our anxieties and negative emotions have the potential to consume our minds and overwhelm our being.
  • Being vulnerable by acknowledging and allowing yourself to feel these fears and feelings diminish the power they hold over us.
  • Give yourself the permission to be vulnerable!

Talking about your personal life problems will help you move forward in your life. A therapist can help you overcome challenges in a safe and confidential environment

If you or know someone who would like to speak to a professional, please contact The Family Enhancement Center, call 905-799-2228 or fill out the form, and a service coordinator will reach you shortly.