Stress is a part and parcel of job-life. Chronic stress can lead to long-term anxiety disorders. Many of us develop severe workplace anxiety because of the stressful work environment. 4 out of 10 employees acknowledge stress as a mental health issue. Workplace stress and anxiety are posing a challenge for not only the employers but also the health care system. Therefore, it is essential to deal with workplace anxiety.

With persistent stress, you lose productivity and it interferes with your work performance too. Further, it impacts your emotional and physical health as well.

Overcoming work anxiety is difficult but not impossible. You need to use simple strategies like acknowledging workplace stress, talking out and breaking the cycle in order to treat work place stress. Here, we share truly result-oriented simple strategies to help you deal with workplace anxiety. With a little bit of willingness, motivation and our tips, you are sure to overcome your anxiety issues and balance your work life.

How Can You Overcome Workplace Anxiety?

  • Prioritize and Organize Your Tasks:  You can reduce your work anxiety by prioritizing and organizing your responsibilities. Start by preparing to-do lists and prioritize your tasks. Tackle high-priority tasks first. Break your large projects into small tasks and focus on managing one task at a time. Schedule enough time to complete each task. This will make your work manageable and stress-free.
  • Plan and Prepare: Practice time management and set mini-deadlines for yourself. Learn to anticipate the problems before they occur and work in advance to prevent them. Many of us have a habit of controlling every little thing by ourselves. Let go of this desire and delegate responsibilities to your juniors. This will prevent unnecessary stress.
  • Be Realistic: Do not overburden yourself with too many tasks in a day. Avoid scheduling things back to back. Do not over commit or take up excessive projects if you do not have enough time. It is important to distinguish between the shoulds and the musts. So take up tasks which are important and necessary and eliminate the ones which are less important.
  • Communicate and Ask for Help: Sometimes the best way to cope up with anxiety is to share your stress with someone close to you.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask your colleague for help. Communicating face to face and getting sympathy and support from them is an effective way of regaining your sense of calm.
  • Self-help Strategies: It is important to know yourself and learn to recognize the symptoms of your disorder. Only when you know your symptoms, you can figure out ways to handle them if you experience them at the workplace. Recognizing early warning signs of job stress and burnout can keep you away from the negative effects of anxiety.
  • Plan Regular Breaks: Make sure you take regular short breaks throughout the day. You can simply walk around the office to chat with a colleague, take a refreshment coffee break, practice few minutes of deep breathing or do some stretching exercises. This will not only relax you but also helps to increase your productivity.
  • Take Time Off: Work is no doubt important, but it is equally important to rejuvenate yourself. So take a break from your work and go on a vacation. A good break will lift your mood, relax your mind and body and will get you back in action.
  • Eat Right: Support your health with good nutrition and exercise regularly. When you are fit, you are more resilient to stress. Your choice of food largely impacts on how you feel at your workplace. So have a healthy diet, eat in small portions, have frequent meals and keep your body in shape.
  • Counselling: Regular counselling can be very beneficial to overcome workplace anxiety. Counsellors can identify your problem and help you in coping up with the situation. They provide guidance and support you.

We at The Family Enhancement Centre, provide counselling services. Our aim is to help you achieve and maintain a state of wellness for yourself and your family. Our services include counselling for grief, anxiety, depression, anger and trauma related issues. Our mental health therapists also provide family counselling, couple counselling, individual counselling, child counselling, play therapy, etc.

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